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“Island Home”

This painting captures my Ugar Island roots, showcasing a Dhari worn by traditional dancers, a powerful symbol representing Torres Strait Islanders. Typically worn throughout celebrations and performances. The Dhari is so significant that it formed our Torres Strait Islander flag with credit to Mr Bernard Namok.






“Serenity Serpent”

I was asked by the Founder to try and capture the feeling of the company as explained to me. The painting has the rainbow serpent, meaning healing, just like the team at GAT and how they show their to support their clients. They work together to make a place where people can feel better.


Layla Artist 2.jpg

The Rising Artist

I am a proud Sabai Islander from Sui Baydham Clan and Ugar, Erub, Mer Torres Strait Islander. I grew up in Cairns in Far North Queensland. I am a cultural digital artist dedicated to exploring and expressing the beauty and diversity of my cultures through my art. Through my artwork I strive to foster understanding, dialogue and appreciation for the richness of our cultures.

- Layla W

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If you are looking for some digital art for your website please contact GAT:


(07) 4818 1424

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