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You GAT This!

3 of the 'must have apps' this year!
January Edition

Ahh the all-important New Years goals!

Most of us are pretty cluey in realizing that gut and mind health go hand in hand to creating a happier healthier you! 

Here are a few of our favourite 'go to' Apps to help assist you on your new year new me journey!

1. Avrora

Not only does this gem let you choose from a variety of sounds to fall to sleep to, it has:

·         Story Telling

·         Breathing practices

·         Meditation

·         Affirmations and

·         ASMR sessions


all to help alleviate the day stressors and get your mind set for a good nights sleep.

But wait there's more!

It captures all of your sleep data with Snore and Voice Tracking and even tracks your heart rate! 

You can check out your trends and see how you are tracking in your sleep and actually listen to snore and voice highlights from your night.

Sleep hygiene is everything so if your wanting to get into that all important sleep routine, this App is amazing! 

2. My Fitness Pal

This App helps you to track your calorie intake by allowing you to enter foods and exercise and adjusts to suit your physical desired results!

There are some great recipes and you can even upload your progress and share with other App members or friends and family who may be on the same health journey you are.

3. Mint

This tool is the best budgeting apps. It’s highly rated by its users and you can link all your accounts, check that all important credit score and mange your bill repayments all in one hit. It was rated the best app for young adults in 2022 by AI based multiple online sources.

How to stop overthinking
February Edition

It is in the quiet times when we can be our own worst enemy. Those negative thoughts circulate and we start to meditate on situations and circumstances that are out of our control.

Sound familiar?

Here are some simple steps to help you redirect that thought pattern to help you focus on a healthier mindset.

Step 1.

Self Reflection

Being able to stop mid-way through overthinking and checking in with yourself, is one of the most powerful tools you can use to support reframing your thoughts.


Asking yourself questions such as:


- What was I doing beforehand that triggered this thought?

- How is my body physically reacting to this?

- What helps me to calm these thoughts?

These questions are all ways of assessing your current state of mind and how it is impacting your mental health.

Step 2.

Remove yourself from your environment.


Whether it's that all dark encompassing bedroom or isolating yourself while out with a group of friends. If you find your mind is wondering and overthinking the best thing to do is to remove yourself to redirect your thoughts. Go for a quick stroll, call a positive friend or family member outside in the sun or go for a drive. 

When you couple action with self reflection you are aligning your thoughts with your physical being which helps you to feel in control.

Step 3.

Breathing Exercises

When breathing exercises are practiced and done correctly you can reset your parasympathetic nervous system! This simple and effective tool can help assist with self-regulating your body, emotions and reset your whole nervous system! 

According to Dr Neff of the Neurodivergent Insight (Nervous System Reset: 13 Effective Ways to Reset the System — Insights of a Neurodivergent Clinician ( ; 

"When our body is in the parasympathetic nervous system, it experiences the following: 

·         Reduced heart rate

·         Slower (deeper) breathing

·         Soft eye focus

·         Stimulates digestion

·         Increased digestive enzymes

·         Stimulates bile (digestion)"


Our thoughts are a powerful tool and when managed right can help to heal our inner being creating a ripple effect of positive changes.

How to beat 
March Edition

According to an article by the Conscious Rethink;


Some studies claim that loneliness can make a person more susceptible to dementia and schizophrenia, and that depression caused by extreme loneliness can cause people to become suicidal. - How Loneliness Is Slowly Killing You (

While Social media Apps help with keeping you updated with family and friends (which I am all for!)  you are not getting that physical connection through a hug, holding of hands from a friend or family member and we tend to start taking less care of ourselves. 

Studies have shown that loneliness can weaken our immune systems and be a contributing factor to developing lifelong illnesses such as;

- Diabeties

- Cancers

- Autoimmune Disorders

- Heart Attacks and Stroke 

Just to name a few.

How do we help beat loneliness?

There are some simple steps you can take now to beating loneliness or having loneliness develop in the future:

1. Join a Sports Team and create a brother hood or sister hood of friends. 

2. Reach out to those family members you haven't checked in with for a while and make it a point to call at least once a week.

3. Practice gratefulness and be kinder to yourself.


How to Reframe your Brain

April Edition

Reframing your brain is an effective way to manage mental health and disability. It is a cognitive technique that offers an alternative perspective or viewpoint to a problem, allowing you to gain a different outlook and see things from a different angle. Reframing helps reduce stress, anxiety, and ruminating thoughts, as well as reduce burnout and enhance the overall quality of life. It also helps improve self-reflection and self-awareness when it comes to thought processing, which can lead to improved decision-making. Lastly, reframing can help improve compassion and develop positive self-talk, leading to improved mental health and wellbeing.

Autonomy Of Care.... what does it mean, and how does GAT deliver?

May Edition


Q: What kind of autonomy of care does Growth Advance Techniques Pty Ltd provide?
A: Growth Advance Techniques Pty Ltd offers a personalized care plan based on your individual goals and needs. We provide you with the autonomy to choose your own care and support, while ensuring that you have full control over the decisions made regarding your care.

Q: How does Growth Advance Techniques Pty Ltd ensure that my care is person-centered?
A: Growth Advance Techniques Pty Ltd is committed to providing person-centered care. Our team of professionals are dedicated to listening to your needs and respecting your preferences. We provide tailored support that is tailored to your individual needs and goals, allowing you to live a more independent life.

Q: How can I make sure that my voice is heard in my care plan?
A: Growth Advance Techniques Pty Ltd believes in giving you a platform to have your say in your care plan. We value your opinions and make sure that you are included in all discussions about your care. We also encourage you to be an active participant in your care plan, so that you can help shape the decisions that are made.

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