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Our Team is made up of 90% First Nations Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal Countrymen and Women and our Founder is Torres Strait Islander, South Sea Islander, Dutch and Italian!

Did you know?

We also service all people from all cultures and share in our multicultural communities.

Who's ya mob?

A letter from the founder

My name is Chantal Williams and I am a proud Ugar  Island descendant, my children descend from Yirrikandji & Kuku-Yalanji. My husband is Gimuy Wulubara Ydiniji and Sabai Islander and we grew up in Cairns Far North Queensland. 


We are connected through our mobs last names Williams, Fourmile & Singleton, to list a few of the many connections we have. 


We are all about helping our people and being able to cultural broker between mainstream organizations and connecting our clients to appropriate supports. We provide exceptional service through being able to link in with our mob with respect for our cultural practices and represent for our people.


We have connected with TAIHS in Townsville, Wuchopperen Health Services in Cairns, and the First Nations hospital liaisons and local coordinators for the Mackay region.


We believe in transparency, honor and respect for our cultures.


 Feel free to scroll the Facebook and Website testimonials by our clients and let the clients speak for themselves.


- Chantal

"I laid in bed thinking about the future. How I would like it to be, even if I am not there,"

- Eddie 'Koiki' Mabo

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